Welcome 2020!

Happy New Year!

As we welcome 2020, be optimistic and leave past events not worth remembering. We learned from the past. Thank you, 2019.

In this modern era despite the evolution of Worldwide web and social media to make it simpler to communicate. It is the communication that became distant as everyone is pre occupied with work. Yet, no matter how hard we work, there is still something at want.  There is still something we crave to achieve. 

Let us not wallow in the past. We have to move forward for the coming days with excitement. Welcome every opportunity but be wary of every decision you make. Seek guidance from the experience ones when needed. Do not be ashamed to let others know once in a while you needed more wisdom. After all learning does not end from you adolescent years. Life is continuous learning.

Why not make it easy for yourself?  Live a life in a modest and simple ways as you could. Love your work, but leave a room for yourself to rest and enjoy times with your loved ones. Leave your work behind as you step out of your office door.  If you work from home, when you logged out of your computer shift you mind to off work mode. Times you spend with yourself and loved ones are more precious than gold.

Know where and what you spend you money for. You maybe spending more on luxuries not on your needs. It will not hurt if you spend you money wisely. Save enough while you are in your best of health. You are not to depend on anyone for support.  Bear in mind, they have their own life to live as well. Choose to live a clean living. It will not let you down as time passes by and as you grow old. 

These are only some reminders. You may have your own priorities as we put 2019 to rest. Welcome 2020, my best wishes! 

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