Christmas Tree

According to legend it was Martin Luther in Germany, who had begun the tradition of Christmas tree. Martin Luther is a monk and church reformer who had live from 1483 to 1546. Returning home one night, he saw twinkling stars in the sky through the branches of tree. Arriving home he described the scene to his family members. For him to be better understood while relating his story, he went to the woods, cut down a small fig tree and decorated the tree with candles. The candles accordingly represented the stars.

From then on the custom spread in Germany and all over the world. When Queen Victoria of England married Prince Albert, a German, in 1841, Albert set up a Christmas tree at Windsor Castle near London to remind him of his German tradition. In 1800 people from England and German immigrants brought the Christmas tree to the United States.

No matter where the Christmas tree originated from. It is good to know there is one Christmas symbol that epitomizes family closeness. Father set up the tree while mother and children decorate the tree. Mother could engage the children to choose the colors, shapes, figures they would like the Christmas tree to be decorated. A Christmas tree is not complete without the blinking lights or running array of lights. Thanks to the inventor of electricity. It is safer to use, than burning candles to give life to Christmas trees.

What made the Christmas tree more exciting to the children? The presents under it I remember my nephew and nieces delight, when they would start counting all the presents that belong to them under the Christmas tree. The bigger the size of the presents, the more they look forward to the time of opening them on Christmas Eve.

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