Whether you are preparing for sports competition or would like to do some exercise swimming is one sports activity that is recommended. It is enjoyed by all ages and could be continued for as long as you want. If you are swimming regularly it helps builds endurance, strengthens your muscles and offers you a fabulous workout necessary in maintaining good cardio vascular fitness. I mentioned cardiovascular fitness, swimming improves oxygen our body needs without having the heart to work too hard.

Did you know that swimming is recommended for those you have migraine? As swimming increases the levels of oxygen in the body, it relaxes constricted blood vessels enabling better blood circulation. It reduces if not at all eliminating painful migraine attack. I could attest to this being a migraine sufferer way back in my high school years. I used to have attacks every other day and it would even trigger after waking up from a sound sleep. In those days I had been swimming twice to thrice a week, I did not have an attack for almost a year.

Swimming does burn calories while you enjoy relaxing the cool water. However, be aware that after several hours of swimming, you may get hungry. If you are swimming to lose weight try a slight snack after swimming. That is instead of stuffing up yourself with heavy meals.

Pregnant women can enjoy swimming as their form of exercise. Swimming provides mobility to those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Swimming is safer than land-based activities for those whose bones are weakened by osteoporosis. It also makes swimming especially suitable for those who suffer from knee or back problems. Swimming could lessen asthma attack as it improves breathing. Asthma is not a handicap in achieving excellence in sport as shown by the number of Olympic gold medal swimmers, who were asthmatics.

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