Mobile App

I am making my life easy. Being a busy person at work and being lazy to go out on my day off from work. This mobile app is very helpful to me.

How does this app work for me?

  1.  I pay my utility bills on my phone. I save the effort and time lining up just to pay my electricity, cable, cell and home phone bills.
  2.  I do banking through this app.
  3. I book a ride instead of waiting on the side the road to hail a taxi.
  4. I order food when I have no time to cook just by clicking the app.
  5. I do shopping and have groceries delivered at my door step.
  6. Social media app is for me to communicate with family members for free.
  7. Most of all I earn points when using app of some stores. I could covert to cash or use points to buy items from them. Like that of Seven Eleven convenient store.

    Mobile app is a computer  or  software application  designed to run on a mobile device, like smart phone, tablet, ipad or apple watch.  Mobile app is downloaded to mobile device then installed to be able to use it. App store for IOS, google play for Android. It is one of those icons you see on your mobile device.  While it makes our life easy, some users use this app for unacceptable or elicit transactions or fooling naïve users.  Like in the case of social media apps.  

    If you have several apps installed on your mobile device. I suggest for you to create pin or password on your mobile device.  Create pin or password also on your sim card. Use characters that are difficult to guess. Face recognition is also helpful. While banking apps, normally timed out when not in use after few minutes.  You may also consider logging out from the other apps where you save some personal info, just to be on the safe side.

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