Travel at least with one companion or better if at least four to five of you. Make a plan of your route using guide books and maps. Always check the weather condition and be prepared to turn back when the weather worsens. If you are to set forth with more companions, be sure that the plan for the route will not place the inexperienced companion at risk. Make note of the rescue posts, ranger stations and telephone boxes. Let someone know of your destination. Be sure to give the other person a copy of your route. This would enable him to call for help should the need arises. Do not wander away from the plan and route of the destination. Let the other party be aware when every hiker is back safely.

It is recommended that the backpack you should carry be a water proof. The frame of the backpack should sit easily on the back of the person carrying it and make sure that it could be adjusted properly. Pack and carry lightweight and compact essential items. Each hiker must carry a survival kit. The kit must contain shelter, map, compass, signal device like whistle or mirror, flash lights and extra batteries, matches or other fire-starting materials, ropes, water proof first aid kit.

The first aid kit should include one elastic bandage, sterile cotton, small scissor, safety pins, soap and medicines. Your medicines should include antiseptic and anti infective medicines, water sterilizing tablets, lip salve, adequate supply of aspirin or acetaminophen, anti-dehydration tablets, anti-diarrhea tablets, insect repellent lotion adhesive bandages necessary for minor cuts. Each person must carry enough water and emergency food such as chocolate, dried fruit, nuts, candies and other light weight supplies that could provide snacks during the hike. In lieu of a large meal through the day, it is advisable to take few small meals and drink small amounts of water. A full stomach slows down walking.

The pace of the hikers should match the slowest hiker. If a party starts to lag behind, let that fellow take the lead. Should a hiker stops for whatever reason, do not walk on and expects the other to catch up. A help could be needed. In case of an accident