Before I move to where I live now. I rented a place where there was a terrace. There was a space at the terrace I could cultivate some perennial plants. Among the plants I like best, was oregano scientific name Origanum vulgare.

Unlike other plants I had at my terrace oregano plant amazes me. It could stand several days without being watered. It could survive the heat of the sun.  I have some of the plants in pots and put them inside the house.  I like the aroma of its leaves.  I would gather some leaves put them in small box or small basket. Leave them to dry inside the house. When the leaves are totally dried out I would put them in the pots of the other plants as fertilizer. I used the fresh leaves as seasoning for my cooking. I made sure to gather the fresh and greenish leaves. 

To prepare as seasoning for cooking. Wash leaves thoroughly in running water. The leaves gather dust easily. They should be cleaned properly. Soak the leaves in water with baking soda or salt to get rid of some impurities. Soaking is for about ten minutes. Slice the leaves thinly on chopping board.  Poured the thinly slice leaves over pork chop or fried chicken for not more than twenty minutes before the cooking is done. I also put these leaves on scrambled eggs, together with onions and tomatoes.

Dried Oregano leaves are sold at the groceries in bottles or plastic pouches. Oregano has its medicinal properties.  Oregano tea is cure for indigestion, bloating, coughs, headache, swollen glands and many more.  Boiled oregano can be used as mouthwash to prevent tooth infection and sore throat. Ground oregano leaves made into a paste is a cure for arthritis pain, insect bites and other skin problems.

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