When you are working at night your best defense to avoid falling asleep is to drink coffee. Some would discourage you because of the harmful effects of coffee in your body. I would say anything taken in excess is bad for the body. It is true that coffee increases palpitations for people who have heart ailments. Rapid pulse rate causes rapid pumping of blood to the body. Coffee is not good for those with kidney problem due to caffeine. Caffeine is converted to uric acid which is excreted through the kidneys. Excess uric acid causes kidney stone.

  I drink coffee in steaming coffee mug of water or a glass of ice water with few ice cubes on it. Let us take a look at what I found out about my favorite morning and nightly drink. Or, anytime of the day I feel like taking a cup of it.

I have migraine way back since I was a teenager. I found out the medicines my doctor gave me Ergotamine Tartrate has caffeine on it. Before, I could buy the medicine as out of the counter drug, meaning no doctor prescription needed. Philippines Food and Drug Administration (FDA) changed migraine medicines to prescription drugs. No problem. The doc can save the effort of his chicken run prescription on his note pad.  I do not need a prescription from him anymore. Strong coffee is my substitute whenever my migraine would miss me once in a while. I have an asthmatic friend. One time, he forgot to buy his medicine. I sent him text message to his phone to try half cup of strong coffee. He was very much thankful to me for the idea. Now he knows.

Coffee increases insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism that reduces diabetic risk. Studies also show coffee drinkers are less likely to develop Parkinson disease, colon cancer, gall stones and could prevent cavities. Coffee enhances athletic endurance and energy booster. Your doctor may not prescribe coffee but there is no harm in trying. Just do not take coffee more than you can tolerate. I do not want you to become insomniac.

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