Botanically it is known as Carica Papaya. Papaya is a tropical fruit that grows in about 20 feet and has unique types of leaves at the end of every stalk. The body of a papaya tree and the stalks are hollow inside but are quite sturdy. This plant bears fruits in clusters.

Papaya fruit has sweetish taste and is very rich in vitamin A, B, C. Ripe fruit is useful in digestive disorders and if taken regularly, it cures all sorts of stomach troubles. Green papaya has also been used for over acidity or borderline ulcers. Papaya is good for many digestive disorders and is excellent for improving poor digestion. The unripe fruit is prescribed in stomach troubles, jaundice, gastritis, and liver disorders.

Unripe fruit it is made into a curry and eaten by women to stimulate secretion of milk after childbirth. The papaya fruit contains a lot of minerals like Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium and is the most alkaline fruit. Therapeutically it can often be combined with pineapple juice in which there is another important enzyme, bromelain.

The natural papain enzymes extracted from the unripe papaya has various medical uses and also as a meat tenderizer. It is made into tablets, sold as a valuable aid for protein digestion. Papaya enzyme tablets aid in digesting the proteins of eggs, milk, meat, beans, and similar food products. Papain is also useful as an active blood clotting agent and very useful in destroying intestinal worms.

The juice when applied to swelling prevents suppuration, and for treatment of corns, warts, pimples and other skin diseases. In cosmetic industry the juice extract is use as skin whitener, in removing freckles and makes the skin smooth and delicate. A paste of the seeds is applied to skin diseases like ringworm. The leaves dipped in hot water or warmed over fire are applied to painful parts of the body for relief from nervous pains.

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