Parents who value literacy should encourage their children to read.
Here are some helpful tips.

Model reading –  Children, who see their parents reading, often become readers and come to accept reading as part of family activities. Display good books somewhere in your home. Your children will become curious why dad and mom are always reading and the curiosity might lead them to read the books themselves.

Have a regular visit to library or bookstores – There are bookstores here in Manila where readers could sit and pick a book to read. They also have a small café inside the book store to relax, after one gets tired of reading. I’m glad to see mothers and children browsing or reading a book. Young children maybe fascinated with the pictures they see in books they got interested in. That is a good sign that may lead to the habit of reading.

Hobbies and interest – Find out your children’s hobbies and interest. You could buy them the book pertaining to their hobbies or interest. Or subscription to magazines in reference to their hobbies will arouse the curiosity of your children that may lead to their interest in reading.

 – When buying books, let your children choose the books they want. Display the books in their room or have a place in your house to display the books. In this manner they would know the importance of their books.

Internet reading
Look for Websites that fit your children’s interest. With proper supervision you could surf the net for you children. Look for games with instructions on how to play them to encourage your children to read.

Listen to what your children say – Always have time for your children, when they discussed with you the books they read. Children would like to be appreciated no matter how little the effort they invest on things they do. Should you need to correct some of their ideas, do it in positive and constructive ways to encourage them to continue reading the book they preferred. Sooner than you think, your children would become adept readers, making reading as part of their daily activities.

Happy reading

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