Birthday Present

I got a Hershel back bag as advance gift to myself. I made a commitment to myself that next year I would refrain from buying items. I bought the sturdy ones for my appliances, gadgets, sandals and bags. I want those I will be able to use for longer period of time. I know the wear and tear. If I would be careful using them. It would prolong the life of these items. Oh, my age? That is a top secret. Women are entitled to keep that piece evidence to herself. Kidding aside, I am happy to be healthy for my age.

The back pack bag is medium size. I could use it everyday going to work. At some occasion like out of town on our team building it will also come in handy. I prefer bigger sizes of bags.  Reason behind, we wear sweater or jacket at work. I also have my folding umbrella. Rain or shine, the umbrella is tucked neatly inside my bag. Plus, I could put some groceries in my bag if I got time to go to the supermarket after work.

I like this Hershel back pack as the style is so feminine. It is sturdy and lightweight. The price is reasonable. Why back pack bag? I also like shoulder bag, a big one. Back pack bag has better balance compared to shoulder bag. I could carry it on my back, sideways or in front of me. The strap is adjustable, padded, soft and wide. Very handy for someone who takes public transport to work.

Want one of this? Check this out here – type Herschel back pack on search bar. Happy shopping.