The Perfect Cone

Believe it or not. The oldies would tell you a story. There used to live a beautiful maiden in the province of Albay (pronounced as Ahl-bye) who had fallen in love with a young gentleman but later was jilted and took her own life. In the place where she was laid to rest came a mound, developed into a hill then to a mountain, which later became active, giving birth to the beautiful Mayon Volcano. Mayon according to the old folks was originally named “Daragang Magayon”, Bicolanos dialect for a Beautiful Maiden. As generation progressed, the name was shortened to Mayon. I heard this story from my grandmother, my father’s mother who came from one of the places in Albay Province.

The pride of the Bicolanos as the main landmark of Albay Province The volcano is situated 15 kilometres northwest of Legazpi City, Region 5, in Southern Luzon, Philippines. As considered to be the worlds’ perfect cone Mayon had always been a boost to the tourism in the region. To be counted as you had visited the place, you got to have a photo taken with Mayon as your background

Mayon is an active volcano, around every ten years it would have its volcanic eruption. Thanks to the modern technology the damaged could be a little minimal compared in the earlier years. Despite Mayon’s wrath, spewing volcanic lava and hail of huge boulders in days or weeks of its eruption, living around Mayon is haven to most farmers. The fertile soil makes it easier for them to grow their crops.

Abaca is one of the famous plants that grow abundantly around the places closer to Mayon Volcano.This plant is a source of income to many Bicolanos. This soft bodied plants akin to banana plants produced fibers and many industrial products and handicrafts could be made out of these fibers. To name a few, these are – ropes, hammock, slippers, bags, placemats, flower base, decors and many more. There is no limit to one’s imagination to create something out of the plant. Did you know that the stalk and leaves of Abaca plant could also be used to clean your wood flooring? Yes, it is like you had applied floor wax on your floor. My apology to floor wax manufacturers.

Care for an adventure? Start packing your bag. Go ahead and hike with your friends. Tourist guides are very much willing to bring you to how far you could go
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