Superfood Squash

I miss this veggie for a while. I decided to cook for my lunch today being my day off from work. Squash in coconut milk. There are times coming home from work, I cook veggies. But when I get too tired I just cooked meat as it is easier to prepare. My meat is with raw veggie as side dish like cucumber, amplaya or papaya salad. Veggies are time consuming to prepare but easy to cook.

Some of the health benefits of squash –

  1. Squash is good for eyesight as it is rich in Vitamin A and Beta Carotene.
  2.  It helps to have a better sleep for diabetic as it is low in sugar.
  3.  It is also Anti-cancer as it contains anti-oxidants.
  4. For healthy heart as it lowers blood cholesterol.
  5. Anti – inflammatory.
    Readers, video is in Filipino Language. Please check on the chart being shown on the video by Dr Liza Ong.

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