Happy Cooking


The rubber on my pressure came lose after years of using it. Instead of buying a new rubber. I decided to upgrade. I had difficulty of washing my old pressure cooker as the residue of meat, veggies and whatever I cooked clung to the inside of it. It was not a nonstick pressure cooker. I tried to canvass from different shopping malls. The nonstick ones are pricey ranging from 4,000 to 10,000 pesos. I started to look for alternative online.

 I came across with this website –
https://oshopping.com.ph/happycall-ih-vacuum-pot.html O- Shopping has television channel. I ignored it as I am not fond of shopping. Reading though O-Shopping website. I was convinced of the feature of the cookware. I called O-Shopping hotline. After less than I week, I received my Happy Call pot.

How did I pay?  I deposited the money over the counter to Banco de Oro.  They have other means on how customers could make a payment. The price of Happy Call I bought from O-Shopping is much cheaper than that of mall price. The Happy Call pot is fuel efficient. You may go ahead and check other features of the pot through that link above. Happy cooking!

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