First week of June my niece and I went to visit her papa and mama in one of the provinces of Bicol region. Her mama is my sister. Travel time estimate is eight hours by land from Manila. I booked a ticket via Philtanco a month before we were to travel. I trust this company as I had been their customer way back in early days I used to visit my parents, also in Bicol.

Delay could not be avoided as some passengers do not come on time. The two drivers patiently attended to us passengers. One of the drivers was celebrating his birthday that day. He reported to work. Some of their drivers were on vacation leave. Philtranco has two drivers like other long distance bus travelers.

About two hours away from the place of residence of my sister. The driver suddenly parked the bus too close to the shoulder. He announced he felt something not right on the behavior of the bus. He cannot continue driving lest he will risk meeting an accident somewhere along the way.

There was a delay for several hours. But in fairness to the drivers they were polite patiently listening to the complaining passengers.  Despite being tired they made every effort to have another bus came to rescue us. Made sure all of us passengers were home, safe. Kudos to the drivers! Kudos Philtranco for the good training!

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