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I am glad to have bought this washing machine. It has been a year now I have been using it. My water bill is still the same. I used it every other day. I do not want to fill up my laundry basket before I do my laundry. The only thing I do not use very often is the dryer. I am economizing on my electricity bills. I use spin and dry in lieu of the dryer, then hung clothes to dry. When using the washing machine dryer. Drying time depends on the texture of the cloth. Thicker ones need more hours to dry. As I mentioned I am saving on electricity bills.

To wash undies instruction is to put them in a laundry net, but I do not.  My machine could tolerate delicate cloth. No snag, no need for a laundry net. Although a bit pricey the benefit I get from it is worth the price.  Oh, around our area there are lots of laundry shops. However, I would rather stay home to do my laundry. Besides I do not have to wait for my turn. I am sure when I go to the laundry shop someone will be ahead of me. Thank you Samsung!

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