Be Healthy Be Happy

Working in a call center, one has to make sure he is healthy. Attendance is a must. Getting sick could be inevitable but you could prevent or avoid getting sick.

Most call center agents tend to smoke I guess to ease or release tensions out of their bodies. I agree smoking could somehow relieve tension temporarily however nicotine in tobacco has been the source of different kinds of illnesses. Nicotine is addictive. Once you are used to smoking. It could be habit forming and possibly difficult to give up. Before it is too late, why not give it up and instead make every effort to stay healthy and be happy?

One of the habits I formed is to make sure I do a regular exercise. Not necessarily going to the gym. I do a lot of walking. On my day off from work, I do a lot of cleaning in my apartment. Laundry to me is not a form of exercise anymore because of my Samsung Echo Bubble washing machine. Likewise I make sure to take one capsule of MX3 twice a day  My own motto –Love yourself, be healthy, be happy.

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