Customer Survey

You waited on the phone. It took you around forty five minutes before you finally spoke with someone.  By the time someone came to answer you. You wCS (3)ere not in good mood anymore.

The person on the other end of the line tried to pacify you. Asked how he can be of help to you. But you kept ranting how long you waited on the phone. Reiterating the company has very poor service. With emphasis it, is not about the person on the phone but the poor service of the company.

Finally the agent was successful in attending to your concern. Issue was fixed. You received survey on your email. Your frustration for waiting on the line was still at the back of your mind. Time to get even, you answered the survey. The following day, the agent was coached by the team captain for the poor survey.

f you are a customer, be objective in answering survey.  You are not happy with the company. Fine, bombard the company with your comments that goes with the survey. But never put a poor survey unless the person on the other end did not help you at all. Your survey goes to the person you spoke with, not to the company. 

How do you air you frustration to the company? Send them email. Or look for forum. Another way is escalate your concern, speak with a supervisor or manager.