BPO and Call Center

You probably heard or read about Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Call Centers but you need insights on what kind of business they have and how they do business.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is contracting of certain business activities to third party service providers. The third party service providers are called Call Centers. Call Centers are responsible for hiring manpower as well as compensations and benefits of those they hire. Rate of salaries and compensations are based on the currency of the country where Call Centers are located.

Budget is allotted to these Call Centers by outsourcing companies depending on the contract agreed upon.  To keep the business, a Call Center makes sure the job assigned to them, are carried out to the best of the satisfaction of the customers. Primarily, the barometer is through customer survey.

Outsourcing of business could be offshore or onshore. Offshore outsourcing is relocating the business process from one country to another country. Onshore is simply domestic contracting.  Call handling could be outbound or inbound. There are, non-voice Call Centers. They communicate by chatting to the customers of the outsourcing company.

Outbound Call Centers are calling the customers of the outsourcing companies. Examples of outbound Call Centers are telemarketers selling products and services to customers. They are the ones convincing customers to do business with the outsourcing company.

Inbound Call Centers assist calling in customers. Concern of a customer could be billing issue, follow up orders of the product or services they ordered or enrolled in. Also could mean technical issue, simply known in layman’s lingo as repair. Inbound front line call center representatives as much as possible do their best to resolve the issue during the call. This is called one call resolution

If issue cannot be resolved during the call, front line agent would reach out to the back end for resolution. A customer, if possible, is provided with estimated time frame as to when the issue will be resolved. Back end representatives may not be located in the same country where call centers are outsourced. For IT services and telecommunications outsourcing companies, resolution of the issue could mean dispatching their local technician.

Depending on the urgency of the issue, a customer could become irate if he wants to get the issue resolved during the call. This is where some calls become difficult to handle. If a customer asks for a supervisor or manger, the call is transferred to an escalation agent. If an escalation agent is not available, some team leads or team captains take the call.

Why do Call Center representatives work at night? It depends on the outsourcing company. In the Philippines most outsourcing companies are from Canada, United Kingdom and United States. We have to follow the working hours of these countries. Why are these companies outsourcing? Possibly, to outsource is cost efficient, secondly to ease the nitty-gritty of hiring manpower.

Having written this post, I hope I have given my readers some Insights about the BPO and Call Center industries.  For questions, feel free to leave your comments.

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